The cheapest good Facebook Live Stream recording equipment on the planet.

Facebook Live is hear to stay and it is very accessible, but you want viewers to have a good experience. Equipment and environment planning can make all the difference in the world.

The cheapest equipment you need to make an amazing Facebook Live video feature is “the light in the room.”

If the room lighting is poor, get a $30 floodlight from Sears or Home Depot to light up the area.,

Microphones that plug directly  into cameras. And cameras that have XLR jacks or at a minimum, high quality USB or 1/8″ jacks are important. But XLR audio lines are preferred.

And record GREAT AUDIO.  I repeat, record GREAT AUDIO for the production.

Tape  footage you can use to add more context to the main program, Side shots, wide shots, still shots, long and medium shots Shots of things like signs and props. Closeups and all that. `These photos are fine if coming from a good smartphone or an inexpensive digital camera.

Be still with the camera. Do not pan around the room a lot.

It really is okay to have a tripod and device hold a small camera still. Fixed position recordings are cool and less work for the in-expensive recorders chip processors. Resist the temptation to hold camera by the hand or pan, zoom and move it a lot.

So What Equipment Do You Use?

This part of the post will be updated as time goes on.


You want a great camera that shoots well in various lighting conditions. A $2,000 videographer’s Prosumer camera model will do this.  A $6-$800 Digital SLR with a wide dynamic range working will do fine as well.

The IPhone 5c or the Android models  up to the latest IPhone 7s will make good enough live strea material if your subject is quite close and background noise is well below source audio levels.

Check out this 53 sec video we took on an IPhone 5c at Boston Book Festival 2016.


The entire production took 6 minutes, That’s 53 seconds of “Artist/author” feature video and 2 minutes to upload and time to meta-tag the file.

The points is a lowly IPhone 5c can do a decent job given the conditions it is recording in. In some cases it will get you by.

But if you plan to broadcast the work on TV or over a hi-def monitor, you want a better phone and a better camera. Here is where the $700 DSLR model cameras make a lot more sense than a similarly price IPhone or Android phone.  The lense quality is super much better.

ideally, the camera you will have  can accept high quality microphone jacks. Obviously you don’t want mics near something in the environment that makes noise such as an air conditioning vent, an open window or something else.


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