“Confused…by Love” film by Crosby Tatum Boston, MA

Hey Boston, this is not Mr. Tatum’s first movie project. His work has screened at area theaters and people have celebrated them at  the Foundation Room at the House of Blues club  Fenway. At the time of this writing, he has raised 50% of the modest budget he is seeking to complete the movie, so see what’s in it for you at https://www.gofundme.com/cblscreentour.

“Married for only a single year, Ferguson and Tiffany Marie Middlebecker’s marriage, is suddenly on the rocks when they both find themselves broke, and about to lose their lovely home to sudden foreclosure.  Hope however comes in the form of Reggie Maxwell, Ferguson’s former best friend, and Jo-Jo, Ferguson ex-girlfriend, who both pop out of nowhere, to help Ferguson and Tiffany out, if they can both stay at their home for 5 days straight. Hidden skeletons and uncomfortable secrets soon begin to reveal themselves to these four individuals as they do all that they can to not only save a home, but their respective relationships as well, before it’s too late.”


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