Olympic Pride, American Prejudice reaches fund raising goal.


During the height of Boston olympics negotiations in another part of America, a documentary film about forgotten African American olympic athletes was raising money.

March 18, 2015 the situation: The film’s production budget was to be $50,000 and had $10K to go. With KickStarter crowd sourced fundraising, you either get it all or nothing. The film was selected for the Seed and Spark online filmmaker funding community web site masthead and it was gathering support each day.  With 36 hours to go in the campaihnrundraisibg drive time to go, the letter below was mailed out to the public.

The Olympic Pride, American Prejudice team is so proud of what our supporters have accomplished.  It is truly amazing and humbling.

The film is about courage, tenacity and believing in the impossible.  In 1936, 18 African American athletes defied Jim Crow racism in the U.S. and challenged the Nazi Aryan ideals in Germany by making a heroic and historic turn at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games.  Their unknown story will gain its proper place in history – that’s your commitment to telling stories that matter.  The indie film community thrives because of individuals who share our passion for representing diverse and underrepresented voices in film.

We have completed 16 interviews from two 1936 Olympians, family members, scholars and contemporary athletes.  This has been funded entirely by the crew and the community.  We are only a few thousand dollars from our goal and the campaign closes on Friday. The folks at Seed&Spark saw the momentum building and gave us an extra 36 hours to finish strong. 36 is the magic number.

Step 3:  Learn more at www.1936olympicsmovie.com

Thank you.

Deborah Riley Draper


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